Alex Brandão

Hello, everyone!
I’m Alex, and I’m here to tell you guys how English changed my life and how Great English Course helped me to do that.
For starters, I was 17 years old when I got interested in English and came to Paulo, when I came to Great.
I didn’t knew anything in English, I didn’t know how to count from one to ten in English, and that’s basics.
In only 8 months, with Great’s help, I could go from zero, scratch, to fluency.
At that time I was starting my studies in Mechanical Engineering at UFF. Nowadays, I’m about to start my master’s degree in engineering at UFRJ.
English helped me meet a lot of international researchers, scientists, and even to publish and present a paper in an international symposium. English has created a lot of opportunities for me.
Through that, we can see how important English is.
Great helped me to learn English to such an extent that I can communicate with the world.
My time at Great was really amazing.
The course can teach you in a way you can learn.
Great adapts to you, to your learning and it’s always fun to learn at Great.
The classes are interactive and you are always learning.
So, my advice for everyone is: go and study English, it changes your life!