Great Pronunciation 6th Episode: Smile! It’s the New Year.

The sixth episode of Great Pronunciation tackles a very common mistake commited by Brazilians when we speak English: the addition of the /iy/ vowel sound to […]

Great Tips episode 2: IN – ON – AT

In this episode you will see some practical tips on how to use the three most popular prepositions in English: in, on and at… enjoy!

Great Pronunciation episode 4: Hot Dogs and Laptops

The fourth episode of Great Pronunciation discusses final consonant sounds, which is an English feature that Brazilians struggle to pronounce.

The Dreadful TH Sounds

Every english student has at least once had difficulty pronouncing the two sounds that come from the TH combination, specially Brazilians, once we don’t have these […]

Great Tips episode 1: You can drink them, but can they be verbs too?

In this new web series by greatcursos you’ll see how the name of two very common drinks can also be used as verbs.

Great Pronunciation second episode – How to Milk a Stone

In the second episode of Great Pronunciation you will see how mispronouncing a single consonant in English may lead a Brazilian to believe that Americans just […]

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